Labor Economics Video Tutorials


1.       Module 4: The Demand for Labor

a.       Short and Long Run Decisions

b.       Marginality Revisited

c.       Downward Sloping Labor Demand

d.       Determinants of Labor Demand

e.       Shifts in and Movements Along Demand Curves

f.        Profit Maximizing Firms

2.       Module 5: The Supply of Labor

a.       Labor Force Participation

b.       Labor vs Leisure

c.       Income and Substitution Effects

d.       Budget and Utility

e.       The Decision to Work

f.        Changes Over Time

3.       Module 6: Friction in the Labor Market

a.       Why do different workers receive different wages?

b.       From Freely Flowing Markets to Friction

c.       Results of Friction (1)

d.       Results of Friction (2)

e.       Different Markets-Different Pay and Mobility

f.        Monopsony and Discrimination

4.       Module 7: Elasticity of Labor Demand

a.       Basic Elasticity

b.       Simple Formula

c.       Own and Cross Wage Elasticity

d.       Substitutes and Complements

e.       Mid-Point Formula

f.        Effects on Total Costs; Unions and Contracts