Labor Economics Video Tutorials


1.       Module 12: Pay & Productivity

a.       The firm's wage decision

b.       Compensation agreements

c.       When MRPL ≠ W (Links to an external site.)

d.       Organization of labor

e.       Why do large firms tend to pay more; Executive Compensation

2.       Module 13: Discrimination in the Labor Market

a.       Source and types of discrimination

b.       Pay differential statistics

c.       Anti-Discrimination regulations

d.       Discrimination modeling

3.       Module 14: Labor Unions

a.       The role and purpose of labor unions

b.       Trends in unionization of the workforce

c.       The effect of strikes

d.       Labor union models

4.       Module 15: Income & Wealth Inequality

a.       Changes in the income distribution

b.       What the 1% Don't Want You to Know

c.       Income Inequality Statistics

d.       Wealth Inequality in America

e.       Measuring Inequality

f.        Current and Future Issues